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Parker family-owned business in the heart of Vermont's capital on the North Branch of the Winooski River.  

If you are looking for something different and special for a gift, try a tin of one of these very special teas!

2018 has brought us some new and very exciting teas at the café.  While we cling to our many old favorites, we have to follow our own motto and elect to Branch Out!  This year has proven to be spectacular ( or we have become more discerning in our ability to find amazing options for our tea loving guests!).


Jade Spring White – This tea was brought to us from Rabin and Sunita Joshi, owners of Nepali Tea Traders.  They visited us in the Spring carrying samples of the first harvest of the year, which they participated in.  This tea was initially called Orange White because it is only harvested at sunrise or sunset.  Only select first buds and leaves are plucked and immediately processed. The cup reveals a mild balance of peas, asparagus, sweet grass and mint.  If you have any interest in experiencing an amazing white tea with incredible flavor and depth, this is the first you should try!  Jade Spring White was given the honor of 2nd place in the Himalayan Tea Competition at Base Camp on Mount Everest.

Sencha Yabukita - Subtle notes of umami and brine liquor with Osmanthus aroma. Elegant creamy, meditative drinking experience. 

Rhubarb Oolong - lovely oolong from Fujian blended with rose petals and rhubarb pieces to produce a sweet,  smooth, and medium-bodied tea.

PouchongVery lightly oxidized tea that is between Green and Oolong.  Mildly sweet and very cool in the throat

Wild Grusinia – From ancient (18th century) wild grown tea shrubs in Georgia.  The leaf structure is wiry tips and it develops a sweet scent with a medium brew


Sagarmatha Gold -Tender buds grown in rich soil at 7,000 feet are separated, withered, oxidized, hand-rolled and dried. The result of this careful processing is a floral bouquet with notes of honey maple and roasted almonds


MATTE – Yerba Matte aged up to 2 years.  Toasty, mellow and highly stimulating.  Fourth generation farmers native forest in Southern Brazil


Tilleul (Linden) - This tisane has large tilleul (linden tree) leaves and flowers.  Light body and a very clean, clear, light green liquor  

Citrus Celebration–  Cheerful & Refreshing: Lemon Grass, Lemon Balm, Orange Peel, Rose Hips, Hibiscus.     

Secret Sunshine – Warming, uplifting and immune boosting.  Rosehips, Orange Peel, Tulsi, Dried Ginger.

Minty Mineral Magic – Nourishing infusion of Nettles, Milky Oats, Clover, with refreshing Peppermint.


Calendar and menus subject to change.  Call for most current information!

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