The North Branch

Tea & Wine Café, and Tech Services

Parker family-owned business in the heart of Vermont's capital on the North Branch of the Winooski River.  

The North Branch Food Menu

*Gluten-free, Vegetarian, Vegan options available   §Vegan   *Gluten-Free 

We use local and organic ingredients wherever possible

Cheeses and Meats

 Served with Elmore Mountain baguette and accompaniments


$6 each

*Goat Cheese with Herbs de Provence

Midnight Goat Farm, Huntington

Fresh, Tangy, Savory

*“Sweet Emotions”

Lazy Lady Farm, Westfield

Brie-style, Bloomy Rind

*“Forerunner” Havarti

Mt. Mansfield Creamery, Morrisville

Full-bodied Flavor



$6.50 each

*Summer Sausage

Vermont Smoke and Cure, Hinesburg


* Prosciutto

La Quercia Meats, Iowa



 All 5 Cheeses and Meats for $27


Substitute Hand-made Organic Pita ($1.50),  or Fresh vegetables ($1) for baguette, perserving

Gluten-free crackers available to substitute at no charge



“Sweet Emotions” Cheese, Summer Sausage, Fig Spread     $10.50 


“Forerunner” Havarti,  Prosciutto,  Pepitas, Plum Paste       $11.00


Goat Cheese with Herbs,  Castelvetrano Olives,  Vermont Raw Honey      $10.00


Light Fare

§*Olive Tapenade, with baguette or GF crackers$5

House-made, Garlicky, full of flavor


§*Hummus, with baguette or GF crackers  $4

House-made, Perfect balance of lemon and garlic

Substitute Fresh vegetables for baguette for additional $1


§ “The Philo”: Hummus, Tapenade, Hand-Made Pita, Fresh Cut Vegetables$9


* Crustless Quiche     From Philamena’s, using fresh local ingredients$7.00  

With a side salad and baguette or GF crackers$10    


Spinach, Onion and Cheese KnishA fresh take on the traditional from Magic Spoon Bakery        $5.00  

Add a side salad for $3  


§ Vegan Eggroll from Rhapsody Natural Foods     $4.00         Add a side salad for $3    


Soup of the Day    $6

With hummus or cheese   $10


§*Castelvetrano Olives   $4

§*Roasted Pumpkin Seeds   $3

§*Carrots and Cucumbers  $3


§*Green Salad $4 small   $6 large

with pepitas and dried cranberries        

*Any Cheese or Meat ala carte   $4/$4.50



The Magic Spoon Bakery

Four Sisters Bakery

Douglas Sweets

Butterfly Bakery


Calendar and menus subject to change.  Call for most current information!

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